The following is a list of specialists who regularly come to Bancroft to see patients.  Patients can be referred and seen in Bancroft via face to face appointments and potentially through the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

Belleville Physicians:

Dr. Trevor Bardell         General Surgeon        monthly

Dr. Greg Leal               Urology                        monthly – alternating with Dr. Wood

Dr. Colin MacPherson Psychiatry                   weekly

Dr. Ed Woods               Urology                        monthly


Peterborough Physicians:

Dr. Mohammed Elharram       Urology                        bi-monthly

Dr. Bill Hughes                          Cardiology                   every 4 weeks (stress testing and echoes)

Dr. Graham Gibb                    General Surgeon        monthly

Dr. Kylen McReelis                   Ophthalmologist         twice a year

Dr. Malcolm Pike                     Endocrinology             monthly

Dr. Hans Stelzer                        Respirology                  monthly alternate with Dr. Vlasschaert

Dr. John Vlasschaert                Respirology                 monthly


Also available to our patients:

Crisis Intervention through QHC (Quinte Healthcare)

ACTT Team (Elaine White) QHC

Midwife (Midwifery Services of Haliburton-Bancroft)

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