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Bancroft and North Hastings Family Health Teams begin formal discussion on integration



July 13, 2018

Bancroft and North Hastings Family Health Teams begin formal discussion on integration 

NEWS – Board of Directors Vice Chair John O’Donnell of the North Hastings Family Health Team (FHT), and Board Chair Dr. Greg Cooper of the Bancroft FHT, are pleased to announce they have begun discussions which could lead to the integration of the area’s two family health teams.

While still in the early stages, this potential partnership is driven by the desire to ensure greater access to high-quality health care while combining complimentary resources to build a stronger primary care service. Discussions will focus on determining if the two existing FHTs can find a common model for a single FHT, and better serve residents in Bancroft and North Hastings with the most comprehensive and coordinated primary care possible.The two Board Chairs will be leading the discussions with the group, which also includes representation from:

  • Dr. Alex Ferreira, Bancroft FHT
  • Phyllis Till, Board Member of the North Hastings FHT; and
  • Bancroft Mayor Paul Jenkins, representing the community’s interest.

These formal discussions, which are supported by the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), will be facilitated by Barry Monaghan. Barry is an independent consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in health care, mostly as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With an intent to find improved value for the dollars currently allocated for primary care while also looking at opportunities to enhance direct patient care funding, all physicians involved are committed to a common outcome that better supports the community.  Dr. Greg Cooper, physician with the Bancroft FHT, believes this will be increase valuable supports to both patients and current primary care physicians in the community.

John O’Donnell, Vice Chair of the North Hastings FHT Board of Directors, acknowledges that this is a great opportunity to further build on the current strengths of both teams.

Paul Huras, South East LHIN CEO, is pleased the two FHTs are looking at improving their ability to work together to maximize their combined resources and energies to improve the patient services in this important area of the South East LHIN.

It is expected the discussions will likely lead to a conclusion and hopefully a decision to move forward with a facilitated integration by late September or early October.


  • Created in 2005, FHTs have been able to expand access to comprehensive primary health
    care services across Ontario.
  • Established in 2005, the North Hastings Community FHT continues to practice a
    wellness model to care while providing access to a complete multidisciplinary team of
    health care providers. Located adjacent to the Quinte Health Care North Hastings’ 10-
    bed hospital with 24 hour ER service capacity, and in close proximity to a Dialysis Clinic,
    Public Health Unit and other community focused agencies, the North Hastings FHT is
    also the regional Diabetes Education Program for a catchment of 25,000 patients.
  • Established in 2006, the Bancroft FHT consists of nine physicians operating out of the
    Oak Street site in Bancroft, working in collaboration with a variety of FHT allied health
    professionals. Also a teaching facility associated with University of Ottawa, Queen’s
    University, and Sir Sandford Fleming College, the Bancroft FHT regularly trains medical
    students, residents, and nursing students, and is affiliated with Bancroft Fitness in
    L’Amable to provide exercise facilities at a low cost to our patients.
  • The North Hastings and Bancroft FHTs have many staff dedicated to working
    collaboratively in order to provide a wide range of primary care services that support the
    care provided by family doctors and nurse practitioners.
  • FHTs are comprised of a number of other health professionals including but not limited to
    psychologists, social workers, dietitians, and occupational therapists. FHTs also provide
    connections to specialists such as cardiologists and general surgeons,

Sandra McGrath, CPA, CA, CGA, Executive Director


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